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Sina Hawel
Once Upon A Model
Svenja Holman
Simone Roxanne
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What is "Once Upon a Model"?

Once Upon a Model sources second hand clothing, shoes, and accessories directly from the wardrobes of international models. The items are of the highest quality, on-trend, and made by the top fashion labels on the planet which are not available in every country. Founder is international model Juliane Grzeja who realised that she and the rest of the modelling fraternity had far too much stuff to fit into their suitcases when
travelling from country to country! Juliane began to collect whatever she could get her hands on and sold it on to members of the public. It brought the fashion knowledge the models accumulated from travelling the globe directly to the public's front door. It soon became apparent that there was huge demand to emulate these styles and pick up top fashion brands at a fraction of their original retail price.
All Items are sourced by a Once Upon a Model representative and taken through our rigorous check list before appearing for sale:
* Brand authenticity check
* Dry clean & sanitisation
* Labelling and packaging
Enjoy this unique shopping experience and get dressed by the best!